Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Geng Pengembaraan - Long Weekend

Its a long weekend... 4 days holiday (plus Thaipusam and Maulidur rasul).
At first we wanted to join my inlaws to Kelantan for daddy's cousin wedding but since Arif wedding also on the same day so we we've decided to stay put in KL.
We managed to go to many places:-
1. Menara KL... yeyy since Arif's wedding reception in Menara KL, we got free ticket there...the kids having fun. walaupun dah pernah pergi last year but having the fact dapat jln2 pun bebudka ni dah suka... ye ye mummy memang lebih suka la sbb free makan and free jalan... during the majlis, terserempak dengan Dato' Hussin (ex LPF Chairman), rupanya beliau jiran my uncle.. what a small world... all the while bile ke rumah my uncle kat putrajaya or ada majlis kat rumah uncle, tak pernah terserempak pulak dengan beliau.
2. Taman Tasik Perdana
went there twice... first day pergi just jogging and the kids enjoy the big playground. found i spot facing the fountain... and daddy decided to come again on the next day for drawing session with kids... syahmi and Hafiz spent around 15 minutes on their pencil and drawing paper, and the rest of time they were feeding fish, tortoise and duck. very generous of them, tose animals got butter cooikies and chocolate chips for breakfast...
3. Balai Seni Lukis Negara
dok lalu depan Balai Seni Lukis ni almost everyday but to be honest its our first time.... a very big place. well coming from non artistic background, i found it a bit hard to accept those hasil2 seni.. i do like gambar yg title nya telinga keling... aaa sedap nya kuih telinga keling tu.
4. Muzium Kesenian Islam
Its my second time there hile first for daddy and kids. I enjoy trip...drooling over those magnificient jewelry and Syahmi was excited looking at those alat2 perang... he wanted to go to Muzium Negara but we were too tired and plan to go next time...baru je pergi Muzium Negara last year.
5. Movie - Mystery Island
we watched mystery Island in KLCC. the kids excited equally both for the LRT ride and the movie. syahmi obviously enjoyed the popcorn and coke treat....muahahahh kesian nya anak2 ku, mcm jarang giler dpt makan popcorn :p
6. Pasar Tani Shah Alam
to get lots of nice and cheap food...too busy with food galore, we do not take any pic there...
All in all, we had great weekend. Alhamdulillah walaupun cuti panjang the kids still having fun at our own way... and we like it this way... Hopefully when rezeki ada and Allah SWT permit us, we will able to travel....travel around the world...to explore and to learn, to appreciate more on Allah's creation... till then, salam...
Syahmi dis his 1st collage, definitely with daddy's guidance.
Hafiz sedang happy menunggu nak breakfast dengan putu mayam...

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