Monday, August 09, 2010

Geng pengembaraan dengan First Pet - *A.P.P.L.E *

This entire notes wrote by Aunt Nana... Mummy just copy paste to be inserted in our blog . . . for our memory...

apple, is a black kitten that I found a day before my 27th birthday..dah lama sebenarnya tak terasa nak menambah bilangan kucing di rumah..but, looking at her condition, she was weak, and her mum left her at my compound area..i am touched.. and i asked mum could i take her as my 27th birthday present..

i was sooo delighted..

tho, she is just a stray kitten that i found..

i went out to fetch syahmi from school..i said to him..'abang, kita ada kucing baru..'his eyes was shining..'haaaa, kucing?? whoaaa nak balik cepat.. nak tengok nak tengok..'

at hme..'eh.. cantik nyaa kucing kita nana.. ni kucing kita kan.. kita kasi nama laa nana..''abang nak nama apa?'

then mum said..'ala pun aminah laa..'
syahmi..'i dont wannnnnt.... nama tu tak seronok.. ermm nama apa ek.. nama fruits la nana..
'nana..'apple, banana, mangoesteen(sbb si apple ni hitam)..'
syahmi..'ermm... APPLE.. ok.. apple'

later, when i was out, he called along.. excitedly telling about the new kitten..actually, in the beginning, along wasnt quite favour to have apple for syahmi..bcs since small, he was diagnosed with 7types of allergy.. along said, we cld keep apple, with one condition, Syahmi cant hug, or kiss or touch apple much.. and he agreed..

we went out to buy her botol susu, cat's milk.. and we planned to get her a colar soon.. im amazed to see syahmi.. he seems like soo bersemangat.. he managed to wake up early in the morning, he behaved, he go to school and do all of his school activities, eat at school.. bcs he was soo excited to see apple.. because along always said..'if abang tak behave, mummy hantar apple dkt pasar..' he was soo scared of loosing this lil creature.. im amazed.. sebab.. he is only FOUR year old boy.. but dia dah ada perasaan kasih sayang yang sangat kuat pada haiwan.. i think, even adult also doesnt apreciate animal, as syahmi does..

day by day.. apple seems healthier, her blue eyes shines.. and she started to play, and walk..alhamdulillah..

a week after my birthday, apple seems soo weak.. entah mana silap nya.. apple getting weaker by evening.. later, at about 1800.. apple died..i cant stop crying.. and i cried like mad.. masya allah.. i was really sad.. really really sad.. because, the day before, she played with my finger.. she started to run.. little hafiz also seems understand.. he cried.. he even wanted to touch apple.. maybe in his sense, touching apple might comfort her.. while syahmi bacakan al-fatihah buat apple.. to those yang tak berapa faham, maybe this sounds silly.. or ntah apa-apa je.. but, this is US.. we fight, we hug, we share, we miss, we fight again over small things.. we cried bcs small things.. this is the LOVE that we share, that developed in these kids heart..

i do redha kan apple.. but i adore these two little boy.. perasaan kasih sayang yang bukan di buat buat touched the deepest part of my heart..

Dear Syahmi and Hafiz,

Its your first pet...Mummy and daddy knew how much you love the poor kitten... I hope you boys will continuing being a nice boy... Mummy and daddy are very proud of having both of you ... you both are very much full of love, and kindness. May APPLE rest in peace...

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